Usually after a long day at the office she would go home, take a shower, dress in her most alluring outfit and head out into the city night in search of excitement. Some days she would stay home with her hobby, but not often. Wednesdays were always good nights to find what she was looking for, but Fridays were by far the most productive.

She drove to Hinkle's for dinner. The waiter immediately recognized her and seated her at her usual table at the far end of the room. From there she could watch everyone...studying them...their movements, their attitudes, their moods, their habits. She wanted to see them all and how they reacted in their surroundings. At one table was an older couple, drinking wine and gazing into each others eyes. At another table was a young man in his early twenties reading a textbook as he ate. 'College student' she thought. Near the entrance was a woman close to her own age, barely in her thirties, obviously looking for someone who had planned to meet her there. She was very beautiful, 'I'll take you home if he doesn't show,' she mused. She was not above having fun with another woman, although men pleased her more. A wry smile formed on her lips at this thought. Her meal came and she continued to watch the room as she ate.

She drove a couple miles to a new club that she heard of. The spring breeze blowing through her hair was exhilerating. She loved having the top down. The time passed quickly before she reached her destination. Club Zed had a line out front, but she knew she would be able to get in easily. She didn't like going to the same club more than once every couple of months. Luckily this was a big enough city that there were plenty of places to go and not be considered a "regular." Anonimity was key in what she did. She never let the valet park her car, even though that would be more convenient. She didn't want anyone seeing her come or go. She was a phantom, an unseen wraith slipping in and away unnoticed. It was best that was all part of her game, her protection. She parked around the back and got in line.

It wasn't long before she was inside. Smiling at the bouncer always got her inside ahead of most people. The music was loud and throbbing, the lights flashed here and there in the dim corners. She surveyed the room and quickly picked a likely target. He sat alone at the bar watching people dance. She waited until his drink was almost done before she made her move. Walking past him she made sure to lightly brush his leg with her hand and quickly glance at him. She continued on and found a table to sit at. Making sure he could see her profile, she crossed her legs so that the skirt revealed quite a bit of her thigh. Snealing a look in his direction confirmed what she thought, that he noticed and was approaching her. She smiled at how easy it is to manipulate men.

"Hi, my name's Greg. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Malibu rum, on ice" she softly said. He walked back to the bar for the drinks. 'Nice butt,' she mused. 'He'll do nicely.' He returned and they talked for a little while.

"Dance with me," she commanded. He eagerly followed her onto the floor, and even though the music was fast, she danced slow and rubbed him with her body. She knew how to get a guy's attention.

"What's your name," Greg asked? "What do you want it to be," she replied. He looked confused so she said "call me Sasha." This, of course, wasn't her real name. She was much too clever for that. After a few dances they returned to their table. He ordered more drinks and she excused herself to the restroom. When she returned, the drinks were there but Greg was gone. She figured he was in teh restroom as well. 'This is going to be too easy,' she thought, and sipped her rum.

He returned and she asked the question that she always knows how men answer..."Do you like it when a woman takes charge?" His smile was all the answer she needed. She stood up and took his hand. She led him to a side door and they went outside. The air felt cool on her body after being inside. He noticed its effect on her and smiled as her thin blouse betrayed this. She felt a strange twinge of lightheadedness, but dismissed it. He smiled again at her. "We'll go to my place tonight," she said, "but you'll have to wear this hood." Greg thought it was weird, but he agreed since he was sure he was going to get laid tonight.

Again she had a weird feeling in her head as she drove home. She made sure to make lots of turns down side streets so that he couldn't figure out where he was going. when they arrived at her house she guided him inside. "Don't take off the hood yet, I'm not ready" she said softly. She sat him on the sofa, and the next thing she knew, things got blurry. He called her name, but she didn't answer. He wondered if she was changing clothes, or if she was just unable to hear him. He smiled at the thought of how easy this was as he started to take off the hood.